‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Kailyn Learns ‘Unforgivable’ Information About Vee ‘Being Deceitful’ With Javi

After making a big return to ‘Teen Mom 2’, Kailyn Lowry uncovered a huge secret during the April 5 episode of the MTV series.

Just as Kailyn Lowry was getting used to having cameras around again, upon her return to Teen Mom 2 on April 5, she “found out something about [Joe Rivera‘s wife] Vee that’s really upsetting”. So immediately upon uncovering the secret, she called Leah Messer. Leah was trying to tell Kailyn about her romantic trip to Costa Rica with new boyfriend Jaylan Mobley, but Kailyn didn’t seem too interested. She was too focused on making the conversation about her and sharing her latest drama.

Apparently, Javi Marroquin got mad at Kailyn a “couple months ago” and didn’t want her to talk about him on her podcast with Vee. She said that Javi “alluded to [Vee] being deceitful”, so Kailyn asked them to tell her what was going on, and that’s when Vee admitted that she was the one who told Javi about Kailyn’s pregnancy with Lux four years prior. Rumors in the past alleged it was Jenelle Evans who told Javi about Kailyn’s pregnancy, but now we know it was Vee.

“Back four years ago, Vee hit [Javi] up on social media, and was like, ‘I’m tired of you looking stupid. Let’s meet up — I’ll tell you everything’,” Kailyn explained to Leah. “So they met up in the Target parking lot [at] night, and she told him about me being pregnant with Lux. She didn’t just leak my pregnancy to him, she [also] told him — which is a complete lie — that my miscarriage that I had with him [six years ago] may not have been his. But I never cheated on him, and that was a planned pregnancy. So for her to place doubt in his mind, I just felt like that to me, that part was unforgivable because up until this day, Javi will say, ‘I don’t even know if that baby was mine.’”

Kailyn told Vee that she didn’t want to work together anymore, which means they’ll no longer be recording the podcast, Baby Mamas No Drama. Vee completely understood and apologized for betraying her four years ago. Vee said she was struggling with postpartum depression at the time, and felt lonely, so she was probably just trying to make others feel as badly as she did. Kailyn forgave her, but she still felt it would be best if they just kept their relationship personal, rather than professional. Vee respected that decision.

In other Teen Mom 2 news, Jade Cline bought a house, Ashley Jones and Bar Smith decided to try to save their marriage, Briana DeJesus and DeVoin Austin took their daughter out to dinner together, and Leah introduced Jaylan to her daughters.

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Source: Hollywood Life

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