’The Batman’s Paul Dano Makes Creepy Surprise ‘SNL’ Appearance To Help Find Cat Gift for Zoe Kravitz

‘The Batman’s Paul Dano stopped in at SNL to hilariously help host and costar Zoe Kravitz find a cat gifted to her by castmembers.

‘Saturday Night Live,’ has been back and better than ever after a recent hiatus, and continued their on-point streak with first-time host Zoe Kravitz and musical guest Rosalía. But one of the Mar. 12 episode’s standout moments came during a hilarious sketch where Zoe and the SNL crew try to track down a lost cat. Hilariously drawing on Zoe’s current starring role, the sketch even featured a creepy surprise appearance from her costar Paul Dano.

Paul Dano hilariously dropped in on SNL to help Zoe Kravitz find a cat. (NBC)

The hysterical sketch all started when the ‘Please Don’t Destroy’ trio got together to get a special gift for Zoe. As a pun, they decide to get a “woman cat” for their guest, Catwoman, and joke about previously getting Ant-Man Paul Rudd an ant. But when the cat disappears just as they’re about to give her to Zoe, chaos ensues.

The group tears apart the office while searching for the cat, and in the process they even find….Paul, aka The Riddler, hiding under the couch. In the creepy and subtle appearance, Paul briefly comes out from under the couch to help search for Zoe’s furry friend and, once the cat is found and safe, disappears right back from where he came from even as the group protests.

In promos released ahead of the big day, both Zoe and Rosalía couldn’t have looked more excited as they previewed the show alongside cast members Chris Redd and Mikey Day. Though Rosalía previously appeared on SNL alongside Bad Bunny in Feb. 2021, this is her first time coming on the show as a solo performer.

Zoe was first confirmed as an upcoming SNL host via the shows’ Instagram on Feb. 17, in their signature Post-It style announcement format. The last of the trio announced in the post, including previous hosts John Mulaney and Oscar Isaac, Zoe’s first time hosting proved to be a perfect addition to the SNL celebrity roster.

Zoe’s first time on the show comes as she celebrates the premiere of her highly-anticipated new film ‘The Batman,’ where she plays the stealthy, sensual Selina Kyle, better known as her alias Catwoman. Starring opposite Robert Pattinson’s angsty version of Batman, Zoe’s been receiving rave reviews from both critics and supportive family and friends like Jason Momoa, boyfriend Channing Tatum, and dad Lenny Kravitz.

Known for her more serious roles like in the hit HBO series ‘Big Little Lies,’ Zoe tried on her comedic side for size, and it couldn’t have been a better fit. Hilariously nailing roles like Teyana from The Princess and The Frog and even joking about her bisexuality in an on-point sketch where she romanced a young nerd played by Kate McKinnon, Zoe truly proved comedy is well in her wheelhouse, the unexpected appearance by Paul was the cherry on top of a truly hilarious night.

Source: Hollywood Life

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