There’s No Shortage of Drama on Temptation Island’s New Episode

When it comes to the drama—and theatrics—the cast of Temptation Island is wasting no time.

At the start of episode two, the women are already sobbing now that they’ve had to say goodbye to their boyfriends for the rest of their stay on the island. And when Gillian tells her fellow castmates that she needs “something to hug, something to cuddle,” it’s as if it’s a code word, triggering the single men to swarm and insist on having drinks.

Cue the debauchery. It’s then that Gillian shows Tommy her promise ring from Edgar, one he gave her after he cheated. As she explains, “I don’t know if I’ll keep wearing it.” And it’s no surprise, that, come the next day—and the first date selection—Gillian selects Tommy. (After, Edgar, who chose Melissa for his date, says Tommy “looks stupid.”) 

Meanwhile, Iris asks George and Luke goes for “Mrs. Juicy.” Ashley picks out Mike, while Lascelles picks Trace, someone Ashley describes as her “twin” with a “cute, tall model look.” 

Source: Eonline

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