These $20 Bags With 14,600 5-Star Amazon Reviews Are Travel Must-Haves

Wondering what actual Amazon shoppers think of these small crossbody bags? Check out the following reviews. 

“I recently got a new phone that won’t fit the purse I’ve been carrying for YEARS. Similar to this purse, it had credit card slots and three pockets, so I wanted to replace it with something just like it. I like how it’s small and compact, but big enough to hold all my things. My phone fits great even with a chunky phone case! I also really wanted to get another purse with card slots because I don’t like having to pull out a wallet and fiddle with that whole mess. It’s super convenient to just unzip a pocket and grab your money. Even with all my things inside, I feel like it can hold so much more and the zippers aren’t hard to zip. It also feels really lightweight which is super awesome! Get this bag!”

“Great for travel. This small but mighty crossbody is worth every dollar.”

“Pleasantly surprised! Love it! This is absolutely the best crossbody purse I’ve seen. Plenty big enough to fit anything you’d want to carry. There are three compartments, and each big compartment could hold a cell phone. Lots of rooms for debit/credit cards, money, business cards, etc. Smaller compartment in front could be used for candy, change, etc. Comes with two straps, which can come off and be used independently. The large strap is adjustable. Perfect size!”

“This is amazing. I’m usually a huge purse person but this is great for running around.”

“These are great bags, in GORGEOUS COLORS, that hold ONLY the essentials for an outing. I think these would be superb airport travel bags because they have a surprising amount of room! There’s an ID slot, several credit card slots, room for my very small RFID wallet, several packets with glasses cleaners and/or wet wipes, lip balm, a nail file, boarding pass, tickets, your passport and, of course, your phone, should all fit inside the bag. Oh, and it has good quality zippers and other hardware, too. My Samsung S20 fits, even with a protective case and a ring stand glued on the back. My phone will operate through the window, but it’s a LOT easier to get it out for most tasks. This bag is darned near perfect!”

“I love this purse so much I’ve purchased it twice. I wore the first one out over 2-3 years and bought another one. I have a work iPhone and personal iPhone and I can fit both of them in this purse along with many credit cards, cash and some other items such as chapstick and pepper spray. I wear it across my body and is perfect for traveling. I have two small kids, so I don’t carry a ‘cute’ purse/bag anymore. I needed something practical. This purse is amazing.”

Source: Eonline

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