This Cute Video of Francisco Lindor’s Daughter is a Residence Run

Francisco Lindor may steal bases for a living, but his daughter stole the show during a recent press conference.

Kalina Lindor, the 23-month-old daughter of the New York Mets shortstop, joined her dad in talking to the media following the team’s game one victory over the San Diego Padres on Oct. 8. However, any game chat was interrupted after Kalina spotted Mets manager Buck Showalter in the room and decided to give him a shoutout.

As the toddler repeated the manager’s name, Francisco responded, “Yeah, Buck left,” while explaining to the reporters, “She loves Buck.”

The cute interaction was shared to Major League Baseball’s Twitter page and captioned simply, “Safe to say Francisco Lindor’s daughter likes Buck.”

Francisco shares his daughter with his wife, Katia Reguero. The pair tied the knot in December and frequently share snaps of their adorable daughter on social media. Just last week, he posted a video of himself with Kalina, shot by his wife. In it, Kalina wears her father’s durag and has a huge smile on her face. The post is captioned, “Daddy and daughter worship is one of a kind.”

Source: Eonline