This Game-Changing Waterproof Speaker Has 39,000+ 5-Star Reviews

I’m not the only one who relies on this speaker. Here some rave reviews from other happy shoppers. 

A longtime customer shared, “Guys, I had the 1st gen of this and it lasted 7 years!!!! I was so excited to buy this one. I’ve used it at the pool 5 times and not only have I not charged it since it arrived, the battery still reads 100%… after like 5 30 minute uses. It’s so convenient and lovely. It cost twice as much as the last one but it’s just worth it.”

Another fan of the speaker said, “I have used this several times a week, approximately 90 min /wk for 6 weeks and have not yet charged it. I dropped it in the bath just to check that out – no problem. I use it in the shower to listen in on early morning meetings with good sound quality. The voice control (asking Siri to play a song) has a long delay and has not worked. Otherwise delighted with purchase.”

An Amazon shopper raved about using this one wet outdoor conditions, explaining, “I have 2 of these one it for work the other is for home and I gotta say they’re worth every penny I’ve worked in the rain and mud with this one and it’s been ran over and dropped more times than I can count. It still works just as good.”

“I bought this speaker to have in my bathroom so I can listen to music, podcasts, and youtube videos while I take showers. It does the job perfectly. The sound is loud enough to fill the entire bathroom and the quality is surprisingly clear. It does not sound tiny and distorted even on the higher volumes. The waterproofing is also very good as I have used this speaker for a few months in the shower without incident. The Bluetooth connection is easy to set up and it has never cut out on me once! The build quality is superb and it is surprisingly heavy for its size. There are no loose or wobbly bits and the construction is solid. The battery life is really good for what i use it for,” an Amazon customer said.

A loyal JBL customer said, “For years, I would carry a large portable radio to the Volleyball Court on the beach. It was heavy and took up a lot of room. Last year, I switched to a small bluetooth speaker, but it didn’t have the power I needed, and the battery crapped out after about two hours. THIS year, I bought the Clip 3, with 1000 mAh, and had it cranked on high for over three hours. Great sound out of such a small package and it clips right to the bottom of the net or a beach umbrella. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

“Love the speaker. Sounds great and is incredibly portable. Waterproof aspects held up to the test on my paddle board at the lake. Very happy with it,” An Amazon shopper wrote.

A different shopper revealed, “I’ve been into speakers for 20+ years now and am also in I.T. This speaker is awesome for its price point and for what it is. I listen to audiobooks on it from my phone and it sounds amazing for that purpose. Extremely clear and crisp sound with that appropriate amount of bass in the deep voice that is so hard to reproduce well. Also the charge for listening to audiobooks for me is typically much longer than stated, roughly 15 hours or more per charge. Way better than expected!”

Another person revalled, “We took one of these speakers with us on vacation in the Bahamas. We were there 11 days and didn’t charge it once. It survived the sand, ocean and pool! The sound came through loud enough to hear over a twin engine boat flying across the waves! I purchased two more of these speakers for home – one for the bathroom and one for our pool. I previously used a Bose soundlink color outside by our pool (which is much more expensive) and this little speaker is two times better. Great product!”

“I love this portable speaker, I brought it to Hawaii and played it by the pool. I got curious and decided to bring it in the pool, it floats, it was thrown around in the water and still works fine. The clip feature is handy too,” a fan of the product gushed.

Source: Eonline

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