This May Be Olivia Munn’s Most Relatable Mom Moment Yet

Olivia Munn & John Mulaney Welcome Baby No. 1 Together

Olivia Munn is sharing her tricks of the trade.

The new mom shared a video to Instagram on March 1 that revealed how she gets baby Malcolm to “chill out.”

Olivia shared a video of herself pushing Malcolm in a stroller around her backyard, explaining that since Malcolm is jet-lagged from their trip to NYC, walking outside in the stroller is the only thing that will lull him to sleep.

“Mister Malcolm is on New York time,” the actress shared. “So, yeah we are outside walking in the backyard in a stroller. It’s the only way he will settle down and chill out.”

Fellow jetsetters know that adjusting to a time change is no joke. After all, baby Malcolm was just in New York last week to visit dad John Mulaney at Saturday Night Live.

So, what was Olivia’s secret to getting Malcom to keep calm? According to her post, taking the stroller for a ride in a shady backyard area is key.

Source: Eonline

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