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This Must-Have $22 Acupressure Mat Has 25,500+ 5-Star Amazon Reviews

Here’s what reviewers are saying:

“Bought mine 4 weeks ago and I just love it. I use it every day for my stiff back and neck, for 30-40 minutes and feel so refreshed and energized afterwards. My husband’s back was stiff after playing golf today and he lay on the mat for 15 minutes. When he stood up….. no more stiff back! I must warn you though, the first time using it was extremely uncomfortable and I didn’t think I would last 5 minutes on it, but after 2 minutes, it does get better and it gets less painful each passing minute.”

“I’m a 25 year old with horrible posture. I’m currently on week two of physical therapy and have been trying to find ways to alleviate my back pain. This mat is amazing. I’ve never tried acupressure before and bought this because of the reasonable price. It was uncomfortable at first. You definitely have to resist the urge to get up. But within 3-5 minutes, something just happens? You just melt into the mat and it feels amazing. The bolster pillow has been fantastic at helping relieve those base of the skull headaches. I want everyone to have one of these.”

“I don’t usually write reviews but I felt I needed to share my experience with this thing. I had originally purchased this for my husband, a big scary Veteran who suffers from chronic back pain, depression, and anxiety. His doctor suggested acupuncture, which we did look into before COVID hit. I got this to get him through until we can schedule an actual appointment for him. He was very reluctant, but the first time he used it, he claims his pain was lessened and he was actually able to relax. The more he used it, the more he was able to relax as his pain lessened. When I bought this thing, I thought there is NO way this simple pointy mat could hold such power but there he was, living proof. I was happy enough with the purchase because of that.”

“I suffer from chronic migraines and they are absolutely debilitating. I have tried every treatment available and while a few things have helped me manage them better, nothing has actually worked. Tonight I began feel the dull ache creeping around my skull and started to prepare to be down for the rest of the evening and tomorrow morning. My husband suggested the mat. The relief was instant. And I do mean instant. I nearly cried from the relief. Years and years and so many doctors, and a yoga mat with golf cleats sewed into it the only thing I’ve ever experienced stop a migraine from progressing.”

Source: Eonline

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