Tovala Sale: The Oven On Oprah’s Favorite Things List Is Now $49

Oprah isn’t the only person who recommends this smart oven. Check out these rave reviews from Tovala customers.

One shared, “Love Tovala! Meals are delicious and filling. I work a 40 plus hour work week and this has been a convenient and healthy way to enjoy food at home. Definitely cuts back on my take out and grocery bills. Can have a perfect steak or taste like homemade biscuits and eggs in twenty minutes or less, with no dishes afterwards!”

Another explained, “In love with my Tovala oven! It’s just great for my husband and I! We work all the time and coming home late to cook a healthy meal can sometimes be daunting. With Tovala, it saves me the time it takes to plan, prepare and clean up for meals. I can use it for so many other cooking methods, I can incorporate other meals using the oven. It’s amazingRead more about review stating In Love!”

A fan of the Tovala meals said, “These are the most affordable and best tasting meals I’ve experienced with meal delivery programs. There is a wide variety to choose from and require minimal prep. I really have never had to take more than 3-5 minutes to season the meat or toss the vegetables after they’ve cooked. The absolute best and worth every penny.”

“I don’t normally write reviews. Tovala is a life changer for me. I cook for 1-2 people so the portions are perfect. The prep could not be easier. The food is fresh and delicious. The variety of different meals is super. I recommend Tovala,” a customer reviewed.

Another shared, “Tovala meals are delicious and they couldn’t be more simple to prepare. I chose Tovala because I could get meal portions for one person. The menu options are great and I have lost weight as a result of the ease of prep combined with the delicious and satisfying meals. My Tovala oven has replaced my toaster, and I use it to cook single portions of my own recipes.”

Someone else said, “Easy and straightforward. The App and the recipes outside of the meals is great.”

“The meals are restaurant quality with little preparation. It’s hard to believe they are so easy to create. Definitely a life changer for me. I travel a lot and can bring the Tovala oven anywhere,” a Tovala owner said.

Source: Eonline

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