Tyler Cameron Reveals Where His Friendship With Matt James Stands

As for Tyler’s journey to find love, it’s looking pretty rosy these days. He’s been linked to model Paige Lorenze, and the two were recently spotted kissing in New York.

“I’m still on my journey. I’m still learning,” he told E! News. “I’m dating someone, seeing someone now and, you know, it’s fresh, it’s new and it’s a lot. Relationships are a lot of learning and a lot of understanding, and we’re going through it and it’s been great. It’s been fun so far. We’ll see where this whole thing goes.”

Tyler’s romance with Paige isn’t the only thing new in his life. The reality star has also recently partnered with Degree’s Not Done Yet Marathon Team, which gives runners who previously didn’t finish their races another chance at completing the 26.2 miles at the San Francisco Marathon, and is serving as the team trainer.

“They’re feeling confident about themselves, so I’m excited to see, you know, how they feel,” Tyler told E! News about the runners while promoting the team. “I just kind of told them, ‘You know, don’t change nothing. You know, stick to what you’ve been doing the whole time and nutrition, your running, all that leading up to this point. Like, you’ve already done all the work. Now it’s time to get to the starting line. Believe in yourself, you know, don’t doubt yourself because you guys got this.’ And the marathon has got a lot to do with self-doubt, and that’s why Degree deodorant started the Not Done Yet Team because they want to push people to get past that self-doubt and keep moving and break down those barriers.” 

Source: Eonline

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