Vikings: Valhalla’s Leo Suter Teases What’s Next for Harald

In fact, Suter turned to history books and sagas to prepare for his historical role. “There are 800-year-old medieval documents written about this man,” he shared. “The main takeaway from the history books was that this was a blood-thirsty period in British and Viking history.”

And if you think Harald was impressive on the show, just wait until you read how Suter described the Viking. “Harald was a badass,” he continued. “He was a superhero in his time. He was this famed warrior, whose trade was being a warrior. And he travelled across Europe, gaining this fearsome reputation.”

Suter called it “quite fun” to bring this legendary fighter to life. (And, for the record, the real Harald did eventually become the King of Norway. So, brace yourselves for an eventful season two and three.)

Vikings: Valhalla is available to stream on Netflix.

Source: Eonline

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