We’re Beary Happy That a Build-A-Bear Documentary Is in the Works

This news will you give you the warm and fuzzies.

Filmmaker Taylor Morden has begun production on a Build-A-Bear Workshop documentary, E! News learned April 6. That’s right, we’re heading back to where best friends are made.

The feature length documentary—which has started production at Build-A-Bear headquarters in St. Louis, Mo.—will trace the iconic brand’s 25 year journey from startup to cultural craze. The film finds the company “navigating a tumultuous era for retail,” according to the official description, and “will explore what dynamics led to 2021 becoming the most profitable year in the company’s history.”  

Director Morden’s previous work includes the 2020 Blockbuster documentary The Last Blockbuster, which examined the negative effects market changes had on the video retailer. In a statement, he shared that he was ready to investigate the exciting world of plushies.

“Going into this project I have so many questions,” Morden said. “What is it about Build-A-Bear that resonates with so many people? Why do people line up to stuff their own plush animals, when they can buy them already stuffed? Can experiential retail save the shopping mall as we know it? Or is it too late?”

He continued, “I’m hoping the audience will have as much fun as I do finding the answers!” 

Source: Eonline

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