What Jon Batiste Hopes Fans Took Away From His Grammys Performance

For Jon Batiste, making music is about more than just the awards. He wants to bring joy in the most individualistic way.
After nabbing five Grammys, including Album of the Year for We Are, and rocking the stage with a performance of his song “Freedom” at the April 3 award show, the 35-year-old singer told viewers that’s his lyrics are all about inspiring everyone to be themselves.
“I think that there’s so much of our greatest natural resource that goes to waste because of people trying to be like somebody else,” he told reporters in the press room. “Our greatest natural resource is the human soul. People have stuff in them that could make them be the next, [Albert] Einstein or the next me or whatever. So, when you hear that message and you’re in that place where you feel like you’re not adequate, or you’re not enough, just as you are, I think that actually is what can change the world.”

Source: Eonline

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