Why Adam Sandler Is “Psyched” for Jennifer Aniston’s Future Associate

The one where Adam Sandler has nothing but excitement for Jennifer Aniston‘s dating life.

The Uncut Gems actor recently weighed in on his hopes for Jennifer’s future lover, while noting that his Murder Mystery co-star isn’t in any particular hustle to spark a romance.

“I don’t think she thinks about it that much,” he exclusively told E! News in an interview airing March 29 at 11 p.m. “I think it’ll just naturally happen for the girl, and whoever it is will be a very lucky person. She’s solid any way she is—alone, with anybody. She’s just strong, great lady.”

He’s also setting the record straight after the Friends alum—who Adam has known for over 30 years—revealed on the Tonight Show March 21 that the actor gives her flack over her dating choices.

“Absolutely not,” Adam said to E! News at the March 28 premiere of his and Jennifer’s movie, Murder Mystery 2. “I love her. Always pulling for my Jen. I mean, we talk about stuff, we talk about possibilities in life, and whoever Jen connects with, I’m psyched for that person, because she’s a 12 of a person.”

Source: Eonline

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