Why Baby Foot Is the One Thing You Need To Get Your Feet Sandal-Ready

If you want to hear more about this foot treatment, check out these customer reviews.

“An absolute miracle for my horrible feet,” an Amazon shopper declared.

Another said, “BEYOND MY WILDEST EXPECTATIONS! WOW. Just WOW! I rarely take the time to write product reviews, but, honey, this stuff is the real deal. My feet were gross. Thick skin, crusty looking. And, to make matters worse, the salons here do not allow razors to be used when getting a pedicure. I have tried using blades myself to no avail.
Then a friend told me about this stuff, so I decided to try it…. Yes. TMI, I know. But this is really amazing stuff. Don’t walk. RUN and buy this stuff.”

A fan of the product raved, “These are the greatest! My mom and I use them a few times a year and it is so much fun to pick off the dead skin that just falls off!”

A shopper said, “COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES OR FEET!!!  I honestly cannot believe how amazing this product is!! Will definitely be treating myself to a peel every few months.”

Someone else shared, “Most satisfyingly disgusting thing you will ever do. Your feet will be baby smooth…. It is so much fun and your feet will love you. Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work immediately. It takes a couples day for the real weird stuff to happen. Have FuNnNnNnNn.”

Source: Eonline

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