Why Pregnant Jessie James Decker Is Achieved Having Youngsters After Child No. 4

They do know the sex of baby No. 4 and picked out a name, she revealed: “Everyone’s happy, we all agreed on it, so we’re rockin’ and rollin’.” 

But while it made sense to get familial consensus as far as naming this new human being was concerned, Jessie has long since concluded that it’s only the opinions coming from inside the house that matter.

“We’re so normal and our kids are so healthy and happy and amazing, it would be silly for me to ever get upset about anything,” she said of disregarding the parenting critics (i.e. complete strangers) who tend to swarm around famous moms online. “We’re doing good, so I’m not worried about it.”

Besides, she added, “people are always going to talk—that’s social media. And I got too much going on to think about it or worry about it. I got babies to look after.”

Just Eat is on sale Oct. 10.

And keep reading to see more sweet Decker family photos:

Source: Eonline

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