Why Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan Is Suing Cole Hauser

A battle between Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan and show star Cole Hauser is bubbling over to legal grounds.

The showrunner’s facility, Bosque Ranch—which is also used as a filming location for the show and prequels including 1883—has filed a lawsuit against Hauser’s coffee company Free Rein, according to documents obtained by People

The filing, per the outlet, is accusing the actor’s business of “trademark infringement, unfair competition and false advertising,” and states that both their companies use similar branding marks with intersecting letters.

“Neither Hauser nor the Defendants asked or received permission or authorization of Sheridan or Bosque Ranch,” the suit noted, according to the publication, “to use a mark confusingly similar to the BR Brand for virtually identical goods.”

E! News has reached out to reps for Sheridan and Hauser for comment and has not heard back.

Back in October, Hauser announced the launch of his coffee brand, noting that it “draws its spirit from the open promise of the American Dream.”

Source: Eonline

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