You Won’t Believe Which Actor Rihanna Sampled for One of Her Hit Songs

“I’m sampled!” Greg agreed, before adding that the feat wasn’t as glamorous as he thought it would be. “I thought we were going to like, be on the road together. I thought we had a whole thing!”

He continued, “I never talked to her again. She just used it in this song in one of the albums, so it was cool.” 

Now, he adds that to his list of accomplishments, along with starring in movies and shows including Shining ValeHouse of CardsYou’ve Got MailAs Good as It GetsSabrina, Anchorman 2 and more.

When Kelly asked how Greg’s three daughters—Lily, 18, Audrey, 15, and Kate, 12—reacted upon learning that their dad was featured in a Rihanna song, he revealed that he didn’t let them listen to it for a while due to the track’s suggestive lyrics. 

“It was mature audiences only, so they didn’t hear it for years,” he said. “They’re just discovering it now.” 

Source: Eonline

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