Your First Look at Oxygen’s New True Crime Series Final Moments

The last thing these victims saw could be the key to solving their murders.

Each episode of Oxygen’s chilling new true crime series Final Moments tracks a new criminal investigation, as this E! News exclusive first-look shows. The series features real video footage, pictures and social media posts that shed light on the life of the victim and what happened during their last minutes alive.

As one woman describes in the teaser, “You see a flash of a figure come up behind her. Your stomach just turns.”

Another commentator shares, “The video is chilling. He’s just executed on the street in front of everybody.”

A third man describes a mysterious crime, “He walked into her apartment. He’s not seen walking out. What happened?”

A family member of one victim recalls her final conversation with the loved one: “I said, ‘I love you.’ And those were the last words I ever spoke to her.”

Source: Eonline

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