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Christina Applegate Has ‘Beef’ With Love Island Producers, Contestants

Christina Applegate Has ‘Beef’ With Love Island Producers, Contestants

Christina Applegate seemingly has some “beef” with the Love Island producers and contestants.

The Emmy-winning actress took to X, formerly Twitter, on Wednesday to share some ASMR-related things about Peacock’s dating competition show that are bugging her a bit.

“I adore Love Island. Have watched every season. It I have a beef with production and contestants,” she wrote. “Can you pls stop making weird sounds with your water bottles?like holding straw in mouth and chewing it and not sipping. Or girls with long nails making clicky clackety sounds on ha.”

Applegate decided to continue her “Love Island rant” in another post, also giving some direct hygiene advice to the Islanders.

“White deodorant on the armpits in the heat is gross,” the Dead to Me actress added. “Now you all are very attractive people, please use clear deodorant!!! The white puss looking shit in the folds is not bueno. This is just me helping you be the best version of you. Haha.”

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Love Island USA, hosted by Vanderpump Rules breakout star Ariana Madix, is currently airing its sixth season on Peacock. Last week, Madix spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about relationship advice she wishes she could give to the Islanders.

“I know we don’t have a ton of time on Love Island for anybody to really be thinking, taking their time to make decisions. But if they just would talk about it with their friends a little bit more and try to see what’s good in the person that they were with,” the host said. “I guess what I’m saying is that sometimes you can’t tell chemistry until you actually are with someone in the room, so it’s hard to say.”

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