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Dave Grohl Seems to Take a Barb at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Dave Grohl Seems to Take a Barb at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Dave Grohl Seems to Take a Barb at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Dave Grohl has come under fire by Taylor Swift fans for comments he made about Swift’s Eras Tour during a Foo Fighters performance over the weekend.

The comments came during the the band’s Saturday night show in London. Swift also happens to be in London for the latest stop on her Eras Tour. She performed at Wembley Stadium, while the Foo Fighters were at London Stadium.

According to multiple videos posted on social media by concertgoers, Grohl noted the coincidence of their both being in the same city and then started riffing on the name of her tour.

“I know that she’s on her Eras Tour. I’m telling you man, you don’t want to suffer the wrath of Taylor Swift,” he said as the crowd started booing.

He continued: “So we like to call our tour the ‘Errors Tour’” — the crowd cheered him at this point — “because I feel like, we’ve had more than a few eras, and more than a few fucking errors as well. Just a couple. That’s because we actually play live. What?!” he added in mock indignation, turning away from the mic.

He then went on: “I’m just saying, you guys like raw, live rock ‘n’ roll music right? You came to the right fucking place.”

During her own tour on Sunday in London, Swift gave a shoutout to her band members for playing a three-and-a-half-hour show night after night, along with the other performers who are onstage with her at every show. It’s also worth noting that Swift has often abruptly stopped performing mid-song to, for example, make sure concertgoers were OK (presumably not something that could be easily done if the music were not live).

Many social media users were questioning Grohl’s comments and the reason behind them. “Once again men bashing Taylor for literally no reason she didn’t do anything wrong and they feel the need to talk about her,” wrote one, while another added “this is incredibly odd behavior considering this was an incredibly unprovoked statement.”

The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to Grohl’s reps for comment.

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For his part, Grohl has previously praised Swift. Several years ago, he appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden, where he talked about being at a Paul McCartney party, at which the host sat down and played a song at the piano. Afterward, the partygoers turned to Grohl expectantly, wanting him to play a song too. Not knowing how to play the piano, Grohl panicked a bit, at which point Swift jumped in to rescue the Foo Fighters frontman, offering to play a song.

“I can’t play piano, and I was a little out of sorts at that point,” he quipped, implying he may have been high. “And all the guitars are left-handed and I’m, ‘Oh my God, what do I do, what do I do,’ and right at that moment Taylor Swift stands up. She goes, ‘I’ll do a song’ and … she saved my ass. She gets up, and she starts playing this song and it sounds familiar and I’m kind of a little bit out of it, and i’m looking at my wife like, ‘I know this song. What is this song?’ And she was playin the Foo Fighters song ‘Best of You.’”

Grohl added that it “sounded so great” and he got up and proceed to sing alongside her piano accompaniment.

Earlier this year, Grohl’s daughter Violet came under fire by Swift fans when she criticized Swift in a since-deleted post for flying by private jet. Swifties then noted Violet had also flown by private jet in the past.

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