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Deadpool 3 Secures China Release Date (But Censorship Cuts Likely)

Deadpool 3 Secures China Release Date (But Censorship Cuts Likely)

Disney/Marvel Studios’ wildly anticipated Deadpool & Wolverine has landed a day-and-date release in China on July 26. The approval from China’s film regulators marks the first time the Merc with a Mouth has gotten the green light to launch simultaneously with the U.S., Disney announced the news Monday over Marvel’s Chinese social media accounts.

The original Deadpool (2016), produced when Marvel fever was near its all-time high in China, was denied a release because of its graphic content. Deadpool 2 (2018) eventually hit Chinese screens, but months late and only after it had been reworked into the holiday season PG-13 version known as Once Upon a Deadpool. China still managed to generate $42 million in ticket sales for the title, the bulk of the youth-friendly rerelease’s $51 million worldwide total.

Disney hasn’t said publicly whether censorship changes will be made Deadpool & Wolverine as part of a release agreement with China’s Film Bureau. But anyone familiar with both the Deadpool franchise and Chinese regulators’ usual M.O. will know that at least some tweaks can be expected to the movie’s graphic violence and maximally colorful language.

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