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Elevating the Bar: Qura Opens on the Regent Hong Kong

Elevating the Bar: Qura Opens on the Regent Hong Kong

As they celebrate its opening, the team behind the Regent Hong Kong’s Qura explain what separates it from the competition.

Bar manager Gennaro Pucci

Qura is fast becoming one of Hong Kong’s hottest hotel bars, and there’s little surprise why: here, an unrivalled view of the city skyline is complemented by an exceptional collection of rare spirits and a dining experience that’s refined and yet refreshingly unpretentious. 

The latest opening at the revitalised Regent Hong Kong, both Qura’s name and concept are inspired by a fictional character the team calls “the Curator”. “The Curator embodies the essence of a modern-day explorer and connoisseur,” explains bar manager Gennaro Pucci. “In his relentless quest for the extraordinary and exotic, this tastemaker has amassed a diverse collection of rare and vintage spirits, eclectic furniture and unique experiences to bring back to Hong Kong.”

Indeed, as Pucci describes it, this Curator lifestyle informs every little detail of the bar, from decor to cellar. Past the modern reception, you find yourself in a lounge area that’s simultaneously vintage and modern, the two eras elegantly fused to create a cosy space where tables are separated at just the right distance to ensure ample privacy while still feeling part of the space.

Although you can indulge in snacks and cocktails here, we recommend you go in further – to where a bar faces floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over that view of the harbour. The Curator has definitely done his homework here, as the spirits you’ll find at the bar are nothing less than extraordinary. 

“As you’ll see, our drinks menu is more like a book: we have more than 500 labels,” says operations director Xavier Schaeffer. “Aside from our spirits selection, which is around 200 labels, we also have an extensive collection of vintage wines sourced through a special ex-domain programme, and we’ve collaborated with renowned chateaus to bring wines directly from the vineyards.”

“Our spirit collection is truly a journey through history and craftsmanship,” Pucci adds. “We have the Pierre Ferrand Distilled Before 1914 cognac, which not only survived two world wars but also stands out for being one of the first spirits to be distilled by women, as all the men were at war. It’s a true embodiment of distillation history.”

Other notable bottles include The Foursquare Shibboleth, a 16-year-old Barbados Single Blended Rum; the Uniting Nations #3, a blended Japanese and Scotch whisky; the Fiona Macleod 33-Year-Old, a masterpiece from The Character of Islay Whisky Company; and the Jose Arechabala Ron Blanco Areca from the 1960s, the golden era of Cuban rum-making.

After you’ve had a few drinks, Qura’s dining lounge is just a few metres away, where a world-class chef serves some of the most satisfying comfort food you can find in any hotel. Formerly working with Alain Ducasse, chef Rajiv Chowdhoory has now taken over the Qura kitchen, ensuring the bar’s food is just as exquisite as its drinks. 

“Inspired by French bistro cuisine, our menu brings comfort food to a new level. It features well-executed, simple recipes that evoke nostalgia yet impress with their refinement,” Chowdhoory says. “From small bites to main courses, every dish is made with the finest ingredients sourced globally, like Atlantic Dover sole and Australian Angus beef, ensuring quality is always the star.” 

After dinner, you’re always welcome to return to the bar for another cocktail or a glass of your favourite spirit, but if you enjoy the occasional smoke you can also visit Qura’s cigar lounge – and just like the extensive collection of wines and liquors, the cigar lounge carries some of the world’s finest cigars.

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“We partnered with Royal Cigar Lounge to source and run our cigar lounge, as we wanted to have an extensive collection of cigars, including rare collections, rather than mainstream brands,” Schaeffer explains. “Among our treasures is a remarkable box of vintage Partagas containing 150 pieces, which is valued at HK$3.5 million. Reflecting our ethos of accessibility, however, these cigars will be sold individually, accommodating both casual enthusiasts and collectors seeking the exceptional.”

Given its elegant yet cosy interior, an incredible selection of wines, spirits and cigars, and a menu of dishes designed to satisfy the most discerning foodie, it’s easy to understand why Qura has received such a warm welcome by the city’s bargoers and gastronomes. As rare as it is, Qura has managed to transcend the traditional hotel bar – and by doing so has set a new standard of what it ought to be.

“Hospitality is what Regent is known for and at Qura our main goal is to make everyone feel welcome, valued and at home,” Schaeffer tells me. “Although we’re part of a hotel, we want to create that homey atmosphere with a twist of luxury, thanks to our Curator’s collection of cosy furniture and premium quality offerings.

“Imagine a place where luxury feels as comfortable as your living room, but with the sophistication of a world-class venue. It’s about bringing together the finest from around the globe into one sophisticated yet approachable spot. We take pride in putting together this blend of casual elegance and exceptional hospitality.” 

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