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Epic Universe Unveils Universal Classic Monsters Attractions In Orlando

Epic Universe Unveils Universal Classic Monsters Attractions In Orlando

Epic Universe Unveils Universal Classic Monsters Attractions In Orlando

Dracula, Wolf Man, Bride of Frankenstein, Invisible Man and the Creature from the Black Lagoon are set to descend on Universal Orlando Resort’s Epic Universe as part of its new Dark Universe. 

Teased earlier this year, the land is home to “Darkmoor,” a ravaged village where some of the horror genre’s earliest, most recognizable and beloved creatures — along with a few new character additions — will appear throughout two new attractions, monster makeup and character meet-and-greet experiences, and more. Designed by the Universal Creative team in partnership with Universal Pictures, the Epic Universe land promises a mix of boundary-pushing intensity and family-friendly fun. 

The central attraction, Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment, takes park goers into the catacombs of Frankenstein Manor — the land’s towering focal point — where they’ll witness Dr. Victoria Frankenstein’s twisted lab experiments go awry. The ride will see the great-great-granddaughter of the infamous Henry Frankenstein (a character not previously seen in any Universal films) lose control of Dracula, unleashing a horde of enraged creatures like the Mummy, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and the Brides of Dracula that guests must evade through the darkness. 

A rendering of “Darkmoor,” a ravaged village where some of the horror genre’s earliest, most recognizable and beloved creatures will appear.

A second attraction, the Wolf Man-inspired spinning family coaster Curse of the Werewolf, will take park guests deep into the woods that rest on the edge of Darkmoor, where they’ll enter the encampment of The Guild of Mystics and be welcomed by Maleva, the guild’s all-knowing seer and leader. From there, the attraction will board guests on a wagon where they race to escape werewolves and avoid becoming one themselves.

The land will also offer the Darkmoor Monster Makeup Experience, an all-ages face painting and temporary tattoo station featuring skilled artisans that’s set in a parlor converted from the infamous lab of The Bride of Frankenstein’s Dr. Pretorius. Additionally, guests of all ages can meet and interact with the Invisible Man, the Bride of Frankenstein, Victoria Frankenstein’s Monster, separately her servant, Ygor,  and more. 

Beyond the attractions and rides, guests can purchase merchandise at Pretorius’ Scientific Oddities and dine at Das Stakehaus, a dining hall run by vampire familiars or The Burning Blade Tavern, an old fiery mill where guests can dine, view a display of monster head and hear stories of a monster hunter group known as the “Hounds.” In yet another nod to Frankenstein, a snack food stand dubbed De Lacey’s Cottage is located near the Manor. 

A rendering of the land within Universal’s park.

Dark Universe is the NBCUniversal-owned parks’ biggest embracement of the studio’s classic horror library. Jaws, Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, Alfred Hitchcock, and the Jurassic Park franchise have all had presences at the parks, alongside newer additions like War of the Worlds and Us on L.A.’s Studio Tour. But the Universal-owned classic monsters titles, which became a foundation for the studio and horror genre over a 100 years ago, have had a relatively smaller year-round presence, one largely dedicated to live performances, merchandise and Halloween Horror Nights. 

In 2004, both the L.A. and Orlando parks opened the Revenge of the Mummy ride, based on the Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz-led 1999 film inspired by 1932’s original The Mummy. Dracula, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Van Helsing have also been featured at Universal Studios Hollywood as stage shows and walkthroughs.

The monsters biggest presence though has come through HHN, an annual, bicoastal horror event, which has in the last decade increasingly leaned into studio IP like this year’s ASL-integrated A Quiet Place house. Past mazes have been themed around the Wolf Man, Mummy, Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein, and Dracula, including 2014’s Dracula Untold, the first chapter of Universal’s abandoned cinematic universe attempt. In anticipation of Epic Universe’s opening, the Universal Classic Monsters are now also part of the new CineSational: A Symphonic Spectacular lagoon show at Universal Studios Florida. 

The Dark Universe is the fourth of five Epic Universe announcements following Celestial Park, Super Nintendo World, and How to Train Your Dragon — Isle of Berk. The remaining land is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter — Ministry of Magic, an expansion on the franchise’s presence at both Universal Studios Florida with Diagon Alley and Islands of Adventure, home to Hogsmeade. All five Epic lands are slated to feature more than 50 attractions, entertainment, dining and shopping experiences. 

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