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France’s TF1 Commits to Boosting Funding, Exposure for Animation

France’s TF1 Commits to Boosting Funding, Exposure for Animation

French free TV giant TF1 Group has signed a deal with national industry associations pledging to boost funding for animation films and series and to give more exposure to kids’ cartoons on air.

The agreement, announced at the Annecy animation film festival on Wednesday, will see TF1 commit to earmarking 6 percent of its overall production budget to the funding of French or European original animated works, up from the current quota of 5.2 percent, and to double the volume of kids’ programming carried on free-to-air network TFX from 150 to 300 hours, with at least 200 hours devoted to animated works. TF1 will implement the changes from 2025 on.

The broadcast group inked the new deal with associations representing writers, producers, directors and distributors across the French industry, as well as with animation production association AnimFrance. TF1 said the new deal significantly improved the group’s rights position for the productions it backs, but did not give further details.

TF1 is already France‘s number-one broadcaster for animation and children’s programming and was the first network to carry such break-out French cartoon hits as Totally Spies! and Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. The company operates five free-to-air networks in France and its production division, with Newen Studios, is home to more than 50 labels, in France and abroad. In 2023, TF1 Group revenues topped $2.4 billion.

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The 2024 Annecy film festival, the world’s premiere festival for animated films, runs through June 15.

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