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Free Netflix for Dish Subscribers: New Streaming Bundle Launches

Free Netflix for Dish Subscribers: New Streaming Bundle Launches

The satellite TV firm Dish is the latest pay-TV company to get into the bundled entertainment space, and it is entering with an aggressive offer: Free Netflix.

The company said Wednesday that customers who sign up for a two-year contract will get Netflix’s ad-supported tier for free, or if they want the ad-free tiers, they can opt for those and collect a $7 per month discount on those plans.

It’s an aggressive offer from the company, which also owns the Sling streaming pay-TV service. The company has been losing hundreds of thousands of pay-TV customers between both satellite and Sling, so the Netflix deal, with its extended commitment, could help stem the bleeding.

Dish on Wednesday launched a landing page highlighting new Netflix shows, indicating how the streaming giant is working with the satellite company on the bundle.

Netflix has shown an increased appetite to participate in bundled offerings since launching its ad tier. Co-CEO Greg Peters framed the bundles as a “win-win-win” on an earnings call earlier this year, noting that it was hard to make the economics work previously.

Netflix, of course, is seeking to aggressively grow its ad tier. Among other bundles, Verizon is offering a Netflix and Max bundle, while Comcast is bundling Netflix, Peacock, and Apple TV+.

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It is also worth noting that T-Mobile also offers a free Netflix subscription for many of its plans.

“Finding something new to love has never been easier,” said Gary Schanman, executive VP and group president of Dish Video Services, in a statement. “We’re committed to enhancing our customers’ viewing experience by offering them the best content in the most convenient way possible. Our new Dish and Netflix bundle is a testament to that commitment.”

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