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Highlights From THR’s TV Podcast

Highlights From THR’s TV Podcast

This week’s TV’s Top 5 podcast represented the 264th episode of The Hollywood Reporter‘s TV podcast and, in all likelihood, the last. 

Listen to hosts Lesley Goldberg and Daniel Fienberg explain:

If this is, indeed, the last TV’s Top 5 episode, here are 5 highlight episodes from the podcast’s five-year run.

‘TV’s Top 5’ Podcast: Live From the ATX Festival With NBC’s Scripted Chiefs (06/07/19) – The podcast’s first and only live episode, in front of an audience at the ATX TV Festival and featuring a variety of special guess.

‘TV’s Top 5’: ‘Friends’ Reunion, Hallmark’s Holiday Push, Inside ‘Harley Quinn’s’ Dark Debut (11/15/19) – In perhaps the podcast’s most influential episode, the hoss spoke with then-Hallmark chief Bill Abbott, who discussed the brand’s latest holiday push and the role of inclusivity in the network’s programming.

‘TV’s Top 5’ Halloween Special: Top Showrunners on the State of Horror on the Small Screen (10/29/21) – In a fun Halloween-themed episode, the hoss were joined by the show runners behind The Walking Dead, Chucky and I Know What You Did Last Summer to talk about the state of horror on the small screen.

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