Aman To Open Luxury Residences in Miami Beach with Kengo Kuma

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Merging futuristic minimalism with the clear influences of Miami’s gold and azure ocean character, the end result will feature wraparound terraces, floor-to-ceiling windows, and floating timber canopies framing ocean views.

Numbering just 23 fully serviced private homes, Kengo Kuma – who have previously designed projects including the Japan National Stadium and the V&A Dundee – have weaved the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, meaning wisdom found in natural simplicity, into their work.

Looking both revolutionary and yet wholly appealing, Aman Miami Beach will unite that blissful and yet all too rare union of luxury and minimalism, decadence and understatement.

“Aman Miami Beach Residences feature a masterful execution of angular yet soft minimalism through undulating floors that taper gracefully towards the top, allowing for an elegant facade and interior program that communicates through movement and light, highlighting the interplay of luxurious Japanese-inspired materials, while blurring the boundaries between the external and the internal,” the Kengo Kuma press office told Elite Traveler.

“Kuma’s signature approach of “sensitivity to place” is visible throughout the project… Each level’s knife-edge slab conveys an illusion of movement and rhythm, mimicking both the natural surroundings and rich urban environment, to marry Miami’s vibrant and undulating skyline with traditional Japanese principles, simultaneously creating wraparound terraces and partially sheltering the floor-to-ceiling windows from Miami’s permeating sunshine.”

Upon walking through the main entrance, residents will be greeted by a parametrically designed, fragmented timber canopy – a ‘flying tree’, as Kengo Kuma have named it – formed of custom wood lattice work that spins and arches overhead, appearing to float above the light-soaked glass atrium lobby.

Each individual space will feature custom wall treatments, Japanese paper washi screens, and subdued and integrated indirect lighting that will render each home an unparalleled living experience of both beauty and serenity; right in the heart of the fabulous South Beach.

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Source: Elite Traveler

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