Four Seasons Announces New Naviva Tented Resort

As travelers around the world continue to seek more meaningful interactions with the places they visit, big hitter hotel groups are taking note, with Four Seasons among the latest to launch a transformative destination in the form of the tented Naviva Resort in Punta Mita, Mexico.

Slated to open later this year, Naviva will be an expansion on the existing Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, with 15 luxurious tents set within an untouched corner of the Mexican peninsula. With a strong commitment to showcasing rather than obscuring its stunning natural surroundings, the intimate tented resort has been designed around an ethos that encourages guests to engage with and celebrate the natural world, with a focus on holistic wellbeing.

Responsible for this carefully curated guest experience will be the team of Naviva guides, each of which has been specially selected for their care and intuition, as well as their insider knowledge of the local area. Each guest will be matched with a personal guide, who will work with them to create a personalized itinerary for the duration of their stay – be it an action-packed adventure or a week or two of out-and-out relaxation.

Among the experiences on offer at Naviva are one-on-one cooking classes with the resort’s chef, personal training sessions in the outdoor gym, private dinners with sweeping ocean views and immersive journeys through Mexico’s diverse wine and spirits scene.

The resort itself has been carefully designed to ensure guests can fully switch off. Each tent is inspired by the symmetrical shape of a butterfly, with private decks and pools giving guests the chance to immerse themselves in nature without disturbance. Views across the ocean are enjoyed from each accommodation, with some also featuring their own garden.

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And don’t let the word ‘tent’ fool you – this is still a Four Seasons resort, after all. Each one will enjoy all the luxuries and special touches that are expected of a five-star destination. As well as a host of in-room amenities, the Naviva Resort will also feature a jungle-inspired swimming pool, a cliffside yoga pavilion, access to a secluded beach and a series of spa ‘pods’, where guests can enjoy bespoke treatments using local ingredients.

The on-site restaurant, Copal, will also showcase the best of the local area through its farm-to-table ethos, which will see serve fresh homegrown produce and bountiful local seafood prepared using traditional Mexican cooking techniques in an open kitchen.

Of course, a resort that is so in tune with nature is also, by default, duty-bound to protect it. Environmental preservation is at the heart of Naviva, with a host of sustainable elements incorporated into its design, including solar panels; efficient water systems and natural drainage; electric vehicles; upcycled artwork; and locally sourced products, materials, produce and ingredients.

“The Naviva Resort will be an exceptional retreat for those seeking highly individualized service, curated wellness experiences and artful culinary offerings that reflect the culture and character of Mexico,” says Bart Carnahan, president of global business development and portfolio management at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. “This is an ambitious and innovative new project for our brand, with every detail focused on the wellbeing of the guests, the sustainability of the design and the celebration of the destination.”

As well as the on-site amenities, Naviva guests will have full access to the nearby Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, including its restaurants, bars, spa facilities, beach and pool.

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Source: Elite Traveler

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