‘The Marvels’ is a Enjoyable and Satisfying Movie and Twitter (or X) Appears to Agree

Despite the cesspool of angry and sensitive (male) critics, the Twitter reactions to The Marvels have been pretty positive. 

I have been disillusioned with the MCU as of late. Things have been lacklustre, especially after Secret Invasion. That was also after I noticed that their CGI, which evidently is a major part of these films, was getting worse, which seemed to be the result of overworking their artists and resulted in them unionising. As a fan, I was dismayed. My excitement for anything MCU-related began to subside. I even found myself just watching the second season of Loki after all the episodes had been released (it was a great season and definitely a great finale, don’t get me wrong).

That said, I wasn’t really too excited for The Marvels. While others—and when I say others, I mean manchildren who use the words “M-She-U”, “feminist”, and “woke” in the same breath—have been critical about the film even before it came out and until now, I just felt like the hype had waned for me. Box office predictions were low, and have sadly come to pass, and I wasn’t even sure if it was worth watching in theatres, though this was more the result of the MCU not looking too great recently rather than because of the film itself.

But I did end up buying a ticket anyway—and I’m glad I did. The Marvels proved to be a fun and entertaining ride that bears the heart and humour that MCU fans love. It is formulaic but still enjoyable, and the platform formerly known as Twitter seems to agree.

Some of the Twitter reactions to The Marvels

This film has been generating a lot of discussion on social media. There’s plenty of criticism directed at the film, but the brunt of it is just the same manchildren chanting “woke feminist propaganda”. There are some reviews who make valid criticisms against the film, but for the most part, many are saying that they enjoyed The Marvels, especially its flerkens and Iman Vellani’s performance.

Here are some choice Twitter aka X reactions from people who have watched The Marvels

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