This New Mykonos Resort Comes with a Uncommon Personal Seashore and Among the Finest Meals on the Island

Mykonos has a brand-new hotel worth booking a flight to the Greek Islands for right this second. Though the hotel is stunning (which we’ll get into in a second), the real reason you’ll want to go immediately is because it’s the new home of one of the nation’s best chefs.

In the spring, Cali Mykonos opened the doors to the brand-new luxury hotel in the town of Kalafatis. It brought along chef Lefteris Lazarou, the first Greek chef ever to helm a restaurant (Varoulko Seaside) awarded a Michelin star.

As for Lazarou’s menu, a spokesperson for the hotel shared with Food & Wine that guests can expect distinctly local Greek cuisine, with a menu reflecting the catch of the day, all served in a sushi bar that’s tucked next to the massive saltwater infinity pool that blends seamlessly into the azure ocean below.

Cali Mykonos Hotel
Image redit: Courtesy of Cali Mykonos

At the end of a day adventuring or just lounging on the beach, come here for a light bite of sea bass carpaccio with wakame seaweed and lime, or kingfish tartare with cherry plums, ginger, basil and yuzu, and wash it down with your drink of choice from the hotel’s cocktail bar as the sun dips into the Aegean Sea. The Clio, which is a Greek version of an old fashioned with Dark Cave, Greek hazelnuts and a walnut house syrup with sandalwood bitters sounds particularly inventive.

The hotel, however, has more to offer than just delicious food. It’s also home to a private beach, a true rarity on the island, providing ample space to stretch out in an otherwise crowded beach scene.

The elegant hotel boasts earth tones throughout, including neutral furnishings in its 40 luxury suites and villas, light bedding with deep, blue throw blankets to match the island’s famed roofs, and massive picture windows and doors to let the gorgeous Greek sunshine flow in.

Cali Mykonos Hotel
Image Credit: Courtesy of Cali Mykonos

Guests can also enjoy the fresh air on their private terraces, or splurge for a pool suite if they want to take a dip in solitude. It’s a space you can also feel good about being in, as the hotel was constructed using as much local material as possible to minimise its impact on the environment, including most of the stone coming from the hotel’s initial excavation. It also utilises a self-sustaining water system to not tax the already overburdened local water supply.

But if, for some reason, the hotel isn’t enough for you, it will also help you get off property thanks to its private fleet of boats and yachts that are ready to take guests on charter to neighbouring islands. Its concierge team will also help connect you with local helicopter operators to see the island by air, or set up cultural tours and tastings. See more about the hotel and book your stay here.

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