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Jeff Vaughn Sues Over Racial Quotas

Jeff Vaughn Sues Over Racial Quotas

Jeff Vaughn Sues Over Racial Quotas

CBS Broadcasting and its parent Paramount Global are facing a discrimination lawsuit from former anchor Jeff Vaughn, who accuses his ex-employers of implementing policies that favor the hiring of individuals from certain groups and firing older, white, heterosexual men.

Vaughn, in a lawsuit filed on Tuesday in California federal court, says he was replaced in 2022 by a younger, minority news anchor. He points to a CBS goal to ensure that half of all writers be nonwhite by 2023 and an initiative requiring half of all cast members on their reality shows be minorities.

“CBS decided that there were too many white males at CBS, and it acted accordingly,” the complaint states. “It needed to solve its ‘white problem’ by firing successful white males.”

The filing of the lawsuit follows a similar complaint from Brian Beneker, a script coordinator for SEAL Team who alleges that he was repeatedly denied a staff writer job after the implementation of an “illegal policy of race and sex balancing” that promoted the hiring of “less qualified applicants who were members of more preferred groups,” namely those who identify as minorities, LGBTQ or women.

Like Beneker, Vaughn is represented by America First Legal Foundation, a conservative group founded by Stephen Miller, a White House policy adviser under the Trump Administration. The organization has been filing complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against major companies, including Morgan Stanley, Starbucks and McDonald’s, over corporate diversity and hiring practices that allegedly run afoul of civil rights laws.

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CBS and Paramount didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

More to come.

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