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Jessica Capshaw Says Steven Spielberg Is the Best Grandfather

Jessica Capshaw Says Steven Spielberg Is the Best Grandfather

Steven Spielberg‘s stepdaughter, Grey’s Anatomy star Jessica Capshaw, said the famous filmmaker has achieved ultimate grandparent status in her house.

“The kids talk about him all the time,” Capshaw said during an appearance on Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa. “They just think he’s the sweetest and the cutest, and they just are so proud of it.”

Capshaw is mom to four children: Luke, 16, Eve, 13, Poppy, 12, and Josephine, 8. She is the daughter of Kate Capshaw, who Spielberg married in 1991.

The actress said that her kids are aware of Spielberg’s Oscar-winning fame, but it’s not something they care about. “Yes, the bigness of it, they get that… but the value that he has to them as their grandfather clearly so far outweighs that, that it’s not the thing that they talk about.”

She added, “They really talk about how he makes them feel, which is, you know, he’s the best.”

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