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John Oliver Reacts to Cake Bear From Deising’s Bakery in Kingstown NY

John Oliver Reacts to Cake Bear From Deising’s Bakery in Kingstown NY

John Oliver Reacts to Cake Bear From Deising’s Bakery in Kingstown NY

John Oliver couldn’t contain his excitement over getting his “John Oliver Cake Bear” on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight.

If you haven’t been following, here’s a recap and an update of what’s been going on. Basically, Deising’s Bakery and Restaurant in Kingston, New York, wanted some cooking equipment from a closed-down Red Lobster, so they left a handwritten note on the door. But the HBO show bought the equipment at an auction for a bit where the show re-created the restaurant on set and offered only Cheddar Bay biscuits, which the restaurant is known for.

Deising’s Bakery owners then did a media interview about it; Oliver heard about that and offered to give the bakery new equipment if they put his face on a bear-shaped cake, which is one of the items that establishment is known for.

Early last week, Deising’s delivered, putting an edible image of Oliver’s face on a bear-shaped cake and selling them for $8 each and donating proceeds to a local food pantry, People’s Place.

And Oliver loves it.

“I love everything about that cake bear — its wide-open eyes, pleading munch me, munch of bites out of my ass right now,” he joked. “I love the little paws, the little nose and that each bear basically looks like it’s wearing a John Oliver Halloween mask.”

Showing a clip of an interview with one of the owners, who hadn’t seen the show Sunday night but woke up to messages from people who had, Oliver noted: “They made those bears so fast. That guy apparently woke up to text about our show at 3 in the morning — a nightmare I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. And by 10 a.m. the bears were already on sale, and they even honored my request that they be given an enormous ass, as their Facebook post announcing them said ‘They have DONK,’ all caps. And just like that, Facebook is good again.

Sorry for everything I said about you, Zuckerberg. You really are a boy genius.”

Indeed, Oliver’s only request was that the bear have a generous backside, as the other bears previously made by the bakery boasted.

“I especially wanted one because, as you can see, each bear has an absolute dump truck ass and simply put, me gusta,” he quipped.

Oliver noted that the bakery was selling about 100 of the cakes an hour, which amounted to a lot of donations. And Last Week Tonight also will be donating $10,000 to People’s Place too. 

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As for the cooking equipment? It was delivered to Deising’s on Thursday.

The bakery also had one more surprise for Oliver: It created a larger bear-shaped cake with his actual likeness and delivered it to the studio. Oliver showed off that cake at the end of Sunday’s show.

“They also made another featuring my actual likeness and it is the single funniest possible rendering of me as a bear,” he said, calling it an “absolute masterpiece.” He added: I am humbled, shocked and, as this cake bear suggests, slightly terrified.”

It also included an edible note reading, “Don’t be a monster, have some class & eat it ass first.”

Noted Oliver: “I can really only think of one way to end this and that is to eat this bear that I love so very much in the only universally acceptable manner, and that is by taking a bite out of its sumptuous ass,” he said, doing just that.

See the bakery’s John Oliver Cake Bears below.

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