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Johnny Depp, Helen Mirren, Jude Law: Stars of KVIFF Trailers

Johnny Depp, Helen Mirren, Jude Law: Stars of KVIFF Trailers

Johnny Depp, Mel Gibson, Helen Mirren, Harvey Keitel, Milos Forman, Danny DeVito, Casey Affleck, Andy Garcia, John Malkovich — what reads like a who’s who of Hollywood star power is also part of the list of big names who have starred in trailers for the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic, whose 58th edition unspools June 28-July 6.

Typically, the shorts, often in black-and-white, debut during the opening ceremony of the film fest in the picturesque Czech spa town and are offbeat, eccentric, and full of attitude. They feature a previous Karlovy Vary honoree and what they did with their award.

“The idea of shooting festival trailers featuring distinctive representatives of world cinema was born 16 years ago,” KVIFF highlighted recently in unveiling the stars who will get special awards this year, namely Viggo Mortensen, Daniel Brühl, and Clive Owen. Added KVIFF executive director Kryštof Mucha: “It’s not always easy in terms of organization, but the result is a unique series of trailers featuring world-famous personalities that has no equal at any other international festival.”

Depp last year became the latest Hollywood name to join the list of people who have been featured in one of the popular trailers. But his trailer is in color, and it pokes fun at Depp’s lack of a fest award. Check it out here.

An older festival trailer with Gibson features the star interrupting a break-in, while Garcia also learns about break-ins in his short.

Affleck, on the other hand, takes a trip to a pawn shop — with a surprise ending. And Mirren wants to store her fest statue, which keeps mysteriously appearing next to an Oscar statuette, in its box in a different take on Karlovy Vary winners’ and trophies’ destinies.

Meanwhile, a KVIFF trailer with late legendary Czech director Miloš Forman shows him finding a healthy use for his trophy, while Malkovich’s turn has an awkward “oh”-moment in a taxi. 2010 honoree Law is the star of another car-themed trailer, and he manages to put his award to creative use.

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Legendary Czech actress Iva Janžurová faces an insurance challenge in one of the longer Karlovy Vary trailers, while Jiřina Bohdalová, another local legend, features in a particularly, shall we say, electrifying short.

Other KVIFF trailers have starred Keitel drinking in a bar and DeVito’s sleep getting disturbed by a phone call. 

Only time will tell what the 2024 KVIFF trailer, starring TKTK, will add to the star-studded collection.

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