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Kate Middleton Makes First Public Appearance Since Cancer Diagnosis

Kate Middleton Makes First Public Appearance Since Cancer Diagnosis

Kate Middleton made her first public appearance since revealing her cancer diagnosis.

The Princess of Wales attended the 2024 Trooping the Colour, celebrating King Charles’ birthday on Saturday. She stood on the balcony with her husband, Prince William, and their three children — George, Charlotte and Louis.

On Friday, Middleton shared that she would be returning to some royal duties this summer, starting with the king’s celebration, while she continues to undergo cancer treatment.

“I have been blown away by all the kind messages of support and encouragement over the last couple of months,” she wrote on social media Friday. “It really has made the world of difference to William and me and has helped us both through some of the harder times. I am making good progress, but as anyone going through chemotherapy will know, there are good days and bad days. On those bad days you feel weak, tired and you have to give in to your body resting. But on the good days, when you feel stronger, you want to make the most of feeling well.”

The annual celebration of the monarch’s birthday marked Middleton’s first appearance back in the spotlight after stepping back from her royal duties in January while recovering from a routine surgery.

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After months of speculation about the princess’ health, with some conspiracy theories going as far as to say she was missing, Middleton announced in a video that she had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing treatment.

In her Friday social media post, the princess also provided an update on her health, writing, “My treatment is ongoing and will be for a few more months. On the days I feel well enough, it is a joy to engage with school life, spend personal time on the things that give me energy and positivity, as well as starting to do a little work from home.”

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