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L.A.’s Best Vegan Restaurants

L.A.’s Best Vegan Restaurants

Los Angeles has no shortage of vegan eateries. With a wide variety of plant-based options from sushi to West African cuisine, there is almost certainly an option for whatever food craving may come.

While the scene remains robust in L.A., there has been some shakeups this year. In April, acclaimed previously fully plant-based restaurant Sage Plant Bistro & Brewery announced that it would be incorporating “regenerative farm-based beef, bison, cheese, and eggs” to its menu, effectively rebranding as Sage Regenerative Kitchen & Brewery.

In an Earth Day Instagram post, Chef Mollie Engelhart announced the change. The chef said the new focus of the restaurant would be “regeneration.” Engelhart said in the video: “I realized that when I started Sage Vegan Bistro, I thought a vegan diet was what was best.” She went on to say that after seven years of regenerative farming, she changed her mind.

The comments section of the post was flooded with upset former customers. Engelhart commented back to some assuring customers that Sage would still be offering plant-based options along with its new non-vegan menu items. They made the official switch at the end of May.

Plant-based restaurant Nic’s on Beverly shuttered in March. The Beverly Boulevard eatery from restaurateur Nic Adler almost closed in 2023 citing rent costs and difficulties from the COVID lockdown, saying in an Instagram post: “We have worked with the landlord for the past year, but ultimately, we cannot find an arrangement that works for them. They want it all.” Just a day before they were set to close in 2023, it was announced that the restaurant was able to reach an agreement with the landlord to stay open.

Nic’s ultimately closed its doors almost a year later on March 31, 2024. “We have reached the end of our road,” an Instagram post from the restaurant read. “What an incredible second chance you gave Nic’s, but even that was not enough to emerge from the weight of the last few years.”

Adler is expected to return to the plant-based food scene soon, collaborating with singer Billie Eilish and brother Finneas for Argento – a vegan Italian restaurant in Silverlake. The new spot, situated where Little Pine once was, is expected to open this summer, according to the restaurant’s Instagram bio.

L.A.’s Best Vegan Restaurants

While the restaurant landscape continues to evolve in L.A., there are still plenty of go-to spots for those looking for anything from a plant-based night out to a casual mid-week lunch.

Cafe Gratitude: 639 N Larchmont Blvd., Larchmont and 512 Rose Ave., Venice

Crossroads Kitchen: 8284 Melrose Ave., Melrose and 4776 Commons Way, Suite A, Calabasas

De Buena Planta: 2815 W Sunset Blvd., Silverlake

Gracias Madre: 8905 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood

Justine’s Wine Bar: 2029 Blake Ave., #102, Frogtown

Maciel’s Plant-Based Butcher Shop: 5933 York Blvd., Highland Park

Pura Vita: 8274 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood

Jennifer Stojkovic’s Recommendations

As the founder of the Vegan Women’s Summit, Stojkovic certainly knows her stuff when it comes to a plant-based diet.

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“I think that in terms of helping people start their sustainability journey, plant-based eating, and in particular plant-based restaurants, are one of the best, kind of, gateways into how to change the way that you live,” the found and author told The Hollywood Reporter.

“From an experience perspective,” she continued. “Restaurants actually provide people with the ability to reimagine the types of purchases and decisions that they make to make a more sustainable lifestyle.”

Stojkovic has a slew of suggestions for local vegan fare ranging from mouth watering vegan ice cream to West African cuisine, and even plant-based sushi.

BESTIES Vegan Paradise: 4882 Fountain Ave., East Hollywood

Ma-Kin Vegan Sushi: 30313 Canwood St., Unit 34-35, Agoura Hills

Ubuntu: 7469 Melrose Ave., Melrose

This story first appeared in the June 2024 Sustainability issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Click here to see the rest of the issue.

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