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Marlon Wayans Breaks Silence Following Robbery of Los Angeles Home

Marlon Wayans Breaks Silence Following Robbery of Los Angeles Home

Marlon Wayans Breaks Silence Following Robbery of Los Angeles Home

Marlon Wayans is breaking his silence following reports that his Los Angeles house was robbed on Saturday.

The comedian and actor shared a video on Instagram where he thanked everyone who reached out to him to make sure he was OK after news of the robbery broke and said that everyone is doing fine, which he’s grateful about.

“I want you to know that they didn’t really get much because I don’t own shit,” he said in the minute-long video. “The most valuable thing in my house is my house. So, unless you’re gonna put that shit on a truck and drag it away, then, yeah, man, you did well, but I don’t own shit. I don’t wear jewelry. This [ring] is fake. … It’s a heart rate monitor.”

He continued, “I’m not flashy. No jewelry. No necklaces. I don’t have cash. I use credit cards.”

In the caption of the post, the GOAT star echoed the sentiment he said in the video, noting that he lives a simple life with two cats and a 1994 Range Rover that would need to be jumpstarted to steal because its battery is dead. He directly addressed future robbers, writing that they’re wasting their energy and life doing home invasions because “shit is too heavy.”

“I repeat: I don’t own shit valuable,” he concluded. “Please pick a better [target emoji] thank you and love you… still.”

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News that Wayans’ house had been robbed surfaced on Thursday when TMZ reported that cops confirmed it was the latest target of burglaries in the area. The Air actor was reportedly not home at the time, but his older brother Keenen Ivory Wayans was. He allegedly woke up after hearing some noise but didn’t realize what was happening and went back to sleep.

According to TMZ, the police said one of Wayans’ staffers returned to the house at 8 a.m. the following morning and found the place had been ransacked. The thieves reportedly took a safe and thousands of dollars in cash. While the police have launched an investigation, they have yet to make any arrests.

Wayans joins a growing list of L.A. celebrities whose homes have been robbed lately, reportedly including Squid Game star Lee Byung-hun, NBA star Paul Pierce, former Clippers player Patrick Patterson and Kyle Richards’ daughter Farrah.

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