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Minnie Driver ‘Couldn’t’ Live in Republican State If Trump’s Reelected

Minnie Driver ‘Couldn’t’ Live in Republican State If Trump’s Reelected

Minnie Driver ‘Couldn’t’ Live in Republican State If Trump’s Reelected

Minnie Driver admitted that if Donald Trump were to be reelected in November, she “couldn’t” live in an American Republican-lead state.

The British actress, who lived in Los Angeles for 27 years before recently relocating to the U.K., was asked during an interview with The Times of London, published online Saturday, if she would consider returning to the U.S. if Trump defeats President Joe Biden.

“If I lived in a red [Republican] state, no, I couldn’t,” Driver said. “But living in California, you are somewhat insulated. But do you want to go and live in a bubble? Do you run away from the fire or do you go back and help?”

The Good Will Hunting star also candidly shared her thoughts on the former president following his conviction in his New York hush money trial in May.

“Of course he deserves to be in prison — of course he does,” she said. “But just looking at how much money he raised in that two days, $53 million in a 48-hour period, and the idea that because the founding fathers — if there had been some mothers involved perhaps it would be different — left no room in the constitution for the idea that the American people could be so stupid as to vote for a felon, there is nothing reflected in the judiciary about what would happen if he wins. It’s a pickle when you’ve got the Secret Service already scoping out prisons, going, ‘What would this look like?’”

The Beekeeper actress added that she doesn’t think Trump is the only problem, but also the “70 million people who really quite like a bit of a racist attitude and non-existent immigration policies and dismantling the environmental agencies. And they were always there; they weren’t created by him. He’s just a symptom, and now they’ve got a mascot.”

When later asked if she thought the U.K. was in a better state politically, Driver quipped, “At least the memes are funnier.”

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“I am more hopeful,” she continued. “For all the division in the UK, there just seems to be a more robust connection between us. We have this discourse. We talk about it and we laugh about it. We don’t pull out guns and shoot each other about it.”

Earlier this week, the Labour Party won a historic landslide victory at the 2024 U.K. general election, defeating the ruling Conservative Party.

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