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Nicholas Galitzine Is Not a Real Royal

Nicholas Galitzine Is Not a Real Royal

Nicholas Galitzine Is Not a Real Royal

Nicholas Galitzine: The Artist Formerly Known as a Prince?

He’s played Cinderella’s Prince opposite Camila Cabello, the Prince of England in Red, White & Royal Blue and next will play He-Man, Prince Adam of Eternia, in Masters of the Universe. But is Hollywood’s latest “It” boy an actual prince? There has been a ton of speculation in the press that Nicholas Galitzine, 29, descends from a royal bloodline — specifically Russia’s House of Golitsyn (an alternate spelling of his surname), a noble family whose members were executed and exiled during the Russian Revolution. And many Galitzines did wind up in London, where Nick was eventually born in 1994. Unfortunately, that’s where the fairy tale ends. THR has unearthed documentation confirming that Nick’s paternal grandfather legally changed his name to Edward Ralph Alexander Galitzine on April 9, 1956. His birth name? Edward Ralph Alexander Tier. And while Nick’s financier father, Geoffrey Galitzine, is often said to be of Russian descent, the truth is that he is entirely English — just like his grandfather, Edward, born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, in 1913. (In fact, his father’s birth certificate, issued in Essex, England, in May 1949, reads “Geoffrey Tier.”) It’s not entirely clear why Nick’s grandfather chose to change the family name to Galitzine in 1956. A rep for the future He-Man tells Rambling Reporter that Nick isn’t aware of any royal relatives in his family tree. — SETH ABRAMOVITCH

Scut Farkus Is No Longer Bullying Kids — He’s Moved on to Directing 95-Year-Olds

Ever wonder what happened to Scut Farkus? You know, the little red-headed bully who made Ralphie’s life a living hell in the classic 1983 holiday movie A Christmas Story. What sort of malcontent did he grow up to become? A gangster? A huckster? A member of Congress? Turns out his fate wasn’t quite so dire. Zack Ward, the 53-year-old former child star who played Farkus (and, later, a slew of other roles, including horror movies like Freddy vs. Jason and Resident Evil: Apocalypse) has become a director. He’s currently preparing to unveil a G-rated fantasy adventure called Patsy Lee & the Keepers of the 5 Kingdoms — due on PVOD on June 18 — in which he shot 95-year-old James Hong (Everything Everywhere All at Once) in the nonagenarian’s first-ever leading man action role. “I’ve never seen it done, where a 95-year-old man is included in the adventure,” Ward tells THR of Hong’s physically demanding performance, which, judging from the trailer, includes running in forests, falling into caverns and battling giant green lizard-like creatures. He adds of Hong, who helped finance the picture: “I’m proud of the fact that I got a 95-year-old carrying scenes with 17- and 20-year-olds.” He last saw late A Christmas Story director Bob Clark in 2006 in Vancouver, a year before the filmmaker’s death. They spoke about how Ward wanted to be more than an actor waiting by the phone. Says Ward of Patsy Lee: “I wanted to make a movie Bob Clark would have been proud of.” Not that Ward is ready to completely give up acting himself; he’s still appearing in front of the camera (most recently, in a small role in the Jean-Claude Van Damme thriller Darkness of Man), and even occasionally reprises his seminal Scut Farkus performance (for a price, on Cameo). — AARON COUCH

A-List Assistants Party Almost Derailed by an Email

Up until last week, Ashlee Margolis was most famous for being a celebrity branding guru and for hosting fabulous parties for Hollywood assistants. The last one, two years ago, was a huge success, drawing hundreds of the town’s underappreciated, underpaid gophers to the Beverly Hills headquarters of Margolis’ buzzy marketing firm, The A-List, where they imbibed the night away and gossiped about their bosses. Last week, she threw another assistants’ party — same location — drawing another jam-packed crowd of more than 300, who also spent the afternoon sipping cocktails and gossiping … but this time not entirely about their bosses. Less than 24 hours earlier, it had been reported that Margolis had sent an email to her staff asking them to “pause on working with any celebrity or influencer or tastemaker posting against Israel.” The story, not surprisingly, blew up on social media. And it might have blown up Margolis’ party. Somehow, though, the afternoon went off without too much drama, with most attendees surely aware of the controversy but choosing instead to discuss the challenges in Hollywood after the strike. “My team knows I always come from a place of love,” Margolis tells THR. “They feel loved and supported here. They know that I’m someone who has never tolerated hate of any kind.” — CHRIS GARDNER

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Years Married 1956 – 1967

Age Difference 3 years older

Occupation Flight attendant 

Divorce Perks Unknown

Fun Fact Remarried Swiss jet-setter Freddie Maeder


Years Married 1967 – 1999

Age Difference 14 years younger 

Occupation Journalist and novelist

Divorce Perks She got $1.7 billion

Fun Fact Her parents owned a dry cleaners in Glasgow


Years Married 1999 – 2013

Age Difference 38 years younger

Occupation TV executive

Divorce Perks She got the $44 million Fifth Avenue penthouse

Fun Fact Encouraged Rupert to dye his hair and dress younger.


Years Married 2016 – 2022

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