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‘Not Supposed to Talk About’ Daughter Emma, Sister Julia

‘Not Supposed to Talk About’ Daughter Emma, Sister Julia

‘Not Supposed to Talk About’ Daughter Emma, Sister Julia

Eric Roberts is keeping mum (or at least trying to) on his famous family, per instructions.

The Oscar-nominated actor was asked about his sister, Julia Roberts, on a recent episode of the Still Here Hollywood podcast, to which he responded, “You’ll have to ask her.”

“I love my sister, but I can’t talk about her,” Eric told host Steve Kmetko of his A-list sibling. “She don’t want to talk about it.”

However, The Dark Knight actor admitted his famous daughter, Emma Roberts, also “told me not to talk about her, but I stumbled and do. I’m not supposed to talk about either of them. But I do.”

Eric is clearly just a proud brother and father. Later in the podcast, when asked about who he admires in the industry, he couldn’t help but praise Emma — whom he shares with ex, Kelly Cunningham — for her work on Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s American Horror Story.

“I’m in love with my daughter’s work these days,” he said. “I can’t believe how great she’s become. … I’m so proud of her I can’t see straight.”

“Since her performance in Maybe I Do until right now, she overwhelms me with pride and just, ‘Oh my God, here she goes again,’” The Expendables actor continued. “And I’m just so happy to be her dad because she’s kicking ass. And I’m so proud.”

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When Kmetko asked Eric if he contributed to his daughter’s success in Hollywood, he replied, “Absolutely nothing. Except I gave her that name.”

Last month, Emma weighed in on the “nepo babies” debate, having come from a famous family, noting that many are bound to “have preconceived notions of you.”

“People like to say, ‘Oh, you know, you have a leg up because you’re a family in the industry,’” she said on the Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi podcast. “But then the other side to that is, you know, you have to prove yourself more. Also, if people don’t have good experience being with other people in your family, then you’ll never get a chance.”

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