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‘OITNB’ Actress Lea DeLaria Demands Biden Assassinate Trump

‘OITNB’ Actress Lea DeLaria Demands Biden Assassinate Trump

Orange is the New Black actress Lea DeLaria uploaded an intense Instagram speech calling on President Joe Biden to take advantage of the Supreme Court’s newly defined executive immunity rules and assassinate Donald Trump.

DeLaria posted the video Monday in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling the former president is immune from prosecution for any “official acts” while in office. The ruling has led to speculation that a president could, in theory, assassinate a political rival and then call it an “official” act. Well, that’s what DeLaria rather provocatively called on Biden to do and likened the assassination to preemptively killing Adolf Hitler before World War II.

“Joe, you’re a reasonable man,” she said in a post that’s garnered about 9,000 Likes. “You don’t want to do this. But here’s the reality: This is a fucking war. This is a war now, and we are fighting for our fucking country. And these assholes are going to take it away. They’re going to take it away. Thank you, [Supreme Court Justice] Clarence ‘Uncle’ Thomas. Joe, you now have the right to take that bitch Trump out. Take him out, Joe. If he was Hitler, and this was 1940, would you take him out? Well, he is Hitler. And this is 1940. Take him the fuck out! Blow him up, or they’ll blow us up. Facts.”

She added in the comments: “It’s all out war now. They will destroy us. They only want power… like all tyrants. FUCK THEM!!! And if any of you assholes wanna death threat me like you have been doing for my entire life, bring it on bitch. I’m Sicilian, I know how to play that game.”

Comments on the post were largely against DeLaria’s idea. “Did you just publicly call for the president of the United States to murder his political opponent?” one commenter wrote. “If you want 3rd world stuff to happen, move to a third world county. Dear Jesus. Hope you have an amazing lawyer.”

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DeLaria is a SAG Award-winning actress, comedian and self-described “professional lesbian,” who is credited with being the first openly gay comic to appear on American television with her 1993 appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show. She’s best known for playing inmate Carrie “Big Boo” Black on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black and is also known for her work on Broadway.

This isn’t the first time she’s posted something provocative on Instagram regarding Trump that raised eyebrows. After the 2016 election, DeLaria posted that she wanted to “pick up a baseball bat and take out every fucking Republican and Independent I see.”

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