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Pagani Finally Built a Huayra With a Manual Transmission

Pagani Finally Built a Huayra With a Manual Transmission

The Pagani Huayra may have become even more appealing to a certain kind of enthusiast.

That’s because the Italian marque has just pulled back the curtain on the Epitome, a one-off version of the hypercar that features a manual gearbox. Why is that a big deal? After 13 long years, one lucky Huayra driver finally gets the opportunity to shift through the gears themselves.

It’s not that Pagani, which was founded in the early 1990s, has anything against the manual transmission. It’s first model, the Zonda, was available with a stick shift, as is its latest, the Utopia, which debuted in 2022. But a manual has never been an option for the Huayra, only a six- and seven-speed single-clutch unit. The Epitome’s gearbox has seven speeds and was built by U.K.-based Xtrac. It makes use of a triple clutch that the brand says allows for faster torque transmission and greater engine response.

Pagani Huayra Epitome


Pagani says the Epitome features the pinnacle of technology in one of its road cars. This includes its Mercedes-AMG-sourced twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V-12. The monstrous mill pumps out 852 hp and 811 ft lbs of torque, which is the same output as the Utopia, and redlines at 6,700 rpm. All this grunt is routed to the rear axle by the transmission’s electronic differential. It’s unclear how fast the car can accelerate, but Pagani says top speed is a more than respectable 217.5 mph.

Other mechanical features include a six-way titanium exhaust and a “blown” diffuser that creates more downforce. The vehicle is also equipped with an upgraded adaptive suspension that will reduce body movement. It features a “Super Soft” mode that’ll help make the hypercar more drivable on less-maintained roads.

Inside the Pagani Huayra Epitome

Inside the Huayra Epitome


The Hauyra’s design has been tweaked just a bit for the Epitome. The front and rear bumpers have been revised, as has the grille. There’s also an integrated rear wing. The car’s flowing curves are finished in surprisingly sedate dark blue exposed carbon fiber offset by gold accents and rims. Meanwhile, the steampunk-esque interior seems to have been left alone, ensuring the cabin looks as over-the-top as ever.

The Huayra Pagani is the handiwork of Pagani’s special vehicles division, Grandi Complicazioni. No pricing information has been released.

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