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Rachel Bilson Reprises The O.C. Role of Summer Roberts for Tequila Ad

Rachel Bilson Reprises The O.C. Role of Summer Roberts for Tequila Ad

Welcome to The O.C., bitch!

Rachel Bilson reprised one of her most iconic roles as The O.C‘s Summer Roberts for three 21Seeds Tequila ads. For the spots, the actress also reunited with the Fox show’s creators, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who partnered up with the tequila brand to put together the nostalgic ads.

The ads kick off with the same shot as The O.C. intro, a pan of Orange County from the water as the song “California” by Phantom Planet plays.

In the first spot, Bilson’s in a kitchen, making cocktails with 21Seeds’ Valencia Orange tequila at a party. “Is that 21Seeds’ infused tequila?” a guest asks Bilson’s Summer. “Welcome to the V.O.C, bitch,” Bilson replies as the ad bleeps out the “bitch.” The line is meant to resemble what Luke (Chris Carmack) tells Ryan (Ben McKenzie) after they get into a fight at the beginning of the series. Bilson then adds, “It stands for Valencia Orange Cocktail, bitch,” again bleeped out. “Whatever, it’s delicious, bitch.”

The second one sees Bilson take her bartending skills outside to make a Paloma with 21Seeds’ Grapefruit Hibiscus flavor for another party guest. As they enjoy their cocktails, someone behind them begins screaming and throws a lounge chair into the pool like Mischa Barton’s Marissa did in season two, episode one. “What’s with her?” the guest asks Bilson. “She missed her yogalates class.”

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The final ad brings The O.C.‘s main character, Ryan, back — sort of. During the same party, Bilson hears the doorbell and opens it to see someone who very much resembles Ryan, with a leather jacket, white T-shirt and necklace. When Bilson asks, “Who are you?” the Ryan-lookalike replies, “Whoever you want me to be,” which is the same thing Ryan told Marissa when they first met.

“Ew,” Bilson replies. “Kidding. Heard you’re running low on 21Seeds Infused Tequila,” he tells her before handing her a bottle of its Cucumber Jalapeño flavor. “Oh! Stay for a spicy marg? It’s delish,” she responds before he tells her he can’t because his next delivery is in Chino, which is where Ryan’s from.

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