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Reneé Rapp Teases New Music on Close Friends Only With Rachel Sennott

Reneé Rapp Teases New Music on Close Friends Only With Rachel Sennott

Reneé Rapp Teases New Music on Close Friends Only With Rachel Sennott

After making a splash last fall with her debut album Snow Angel, Reneé Rapp has revealed that she’s back to work on a new album.

“Are you currently working on a new album?” actress Rachel Sennott asks Rapp in a new installment of Instagram‘s Close Friends Only podcast. Rapp, who recently graced the big-screen in the musical adaptation of Mean Girls, confirms that she is in the studio working on new material and goes on to explain the inspiration.

“[Age] 23 to 24 has been a massive difference for me,” Rapp tells the actress, star of such films as Shiva Baby, Bottoms and I Used to Be Funny. “It’s also about, like, a reflection on my, like, 23rd year specifically.”

Sennott then jumps in to offer her experience on her early 20s as someone who is now 28. “23 is fucking crazy,” she says. “It was like the most insane year of my life. But it’s also, like, you kind of have a crazy glow-up that year because you shed everything. You’re in constant chaos. And then what’s really crazy is when you hit the Saturn return, which is what I’m at right now. It starts at 27. Things you thought you learned at 23 come back around.”

The full conversation also finds the two discussing friend crushes, theater kids, astrology, flirting, dating apps, celebrity crushes, Rapp’s musical inspirations and their respective strategies involving their “Finstas” aka secret Instagram accounts. (At another point in the episode, Sennott does a rendition of one of Rapp’s songs, theater kid-style.) The full episode drops on Thursday across streaming platforms including Spotify, iHeartRadio and Apple Podcasts. Close Friends Only is executive produced by Sun-ny Side Up in collaboration with the Unwell Network.

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The podcast, designed to be an intimate conversation between notable names, debuted in December with an episode that featured Doja Cat and Ice Spice.

“Inspired by our Close Friends feature, the podcast brings together some of culture’s most iconic celebrities and creators to highlight the ways people connect and get creative on Instagram. Each Close Friends Only segment gives viewers a fun and unfiltered look into each duo’s lives, their respective friendship, their upcoming projects, how they connect with friends on Instagram, and more,” explains Eshan Ponnadurai, vp and global head of marketing for Instagram parent company Meta. “Our hope is that through this series, people will feel closer to their favorite celebrities and creators – like they are part of that little green circle of trust.”

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