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Rest Evercool Cooling Comforter Review 2024: Best Deals on Amazon

Rest Evercool Cooling Comforter Review 2024: Best Deals on Amazon

As someone with chronic sleep issues and who runs hot at night, getting good shut-eye sometimes feels like playing a game of whack-a-mole. I’ve gotten better at setting the scene for a less stressful bedtime, thanks to sleep expert and Harvard Medical School instructor Dr. Rebecca Robbins, Ph.D, who recently shared her top tips with The Hollywood Reporter. But there’s one product I wish I’d discovered sooner: Rest’s Evercool cooling comforter.

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Even better? The best-selling cooling blanket is 35 percent off at Amazon during Rest’s Summer Sale — one of the best prices we’ve seen since Black Friday. After receiving the product for testing purposes, I’ve never fallen in love with a product as instantly as the Evercool comforter. What blew my mind (since I’m no fabric scientist) was that it felt immediately silky soft and cool to the touch — and it stayed that way, even as the rest of my bed warmed up as I tossed and turned.


The blanket regularly retails for $199 to $279 and comes in twin, queen and king sizes, but Rest’s Amazon sale brings the prices down to under $200. My first reaction to the original price tag (before I snuggled into this wonder): Who in the Quiet-Luxury-heck would buy such a pricey blanket? Why does one buy a $200 blanket?

As I drifted off into slumberland, my last thought was, What is this sleep sorcery (science)? The answer: Rest’s proprietary Evercool fabric “rapidly absorbs and disperses heat (10 times faster than cotton), making it one of the coolest and most efficient Qmax fabrics available.” The material is made of an “ultra-fine yarn that emulates a silk protein structure” (it’s what’s responsible for the buttery-soft feel), and the fibers create “capillary-like structures that efficiently absorb and eliminate moisture,” which helps to keep the body temperature balance.

As I learned from my previous interview with Dr. Robbins, bed and body temperature can affect how quickly and comfortably you sleep. She explained that easy fixes such as replacing old pillows, uncomfortable mattresses and old bedding can help, while setting the thermostat to somewhere between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (the ideal temperature for sleep) can also create a more sleep-friendly environment. The body’s core temperature needs to drop while we sleep in order to conserve energy, which is why it’s no surprise that I’ve been sleeping longer and more comfortably even while covered up in Rest’s comforter (and in the middle of LA summer, no less).

The cooling blanket is such a hit in my household that my 7-year-old son has begged to “borrow” it, and what sleep-deprived parent can refuse that? (Especially since said child has likely inherited the same slumber-challenged genes?) Rest also suggests the cooling blank for those suffering from hot flashes and menopause symptoms.

Now that we’re deep in the scorching days of summer, I’m stocking up Rest’s bedding bundles for the entire family — including this kids set that’s nearly 50 percent off and comes with a cloud print comforter and two pillowcases. Shop the limited-time summer sale to save up to half off Rest’s hot weather-ready bedding at Amazon here.

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