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Ruggable Washable Rugs Review 2024: Tufted vs. Flatwoven, Pricing

Ruggable Washable Rugs Review 2024: Tufted vs. Flatwoven, Pricing

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Our journey as new homeowners was more than just about finding a place to live; it was about creating a space that finally resonated with our personalities and accommodated our growing, active family. Like any HGTV-loving millennial mom, the desire to renovate and decorate started immediately after closing. Now, post-renovation, we realize the foundation of our decor journey needed to begin with one essential element: rugs. 

As a mom navigating life with two energetic toddlers and a playful Bernedoodle pup, washable rugs were a non-negotiable priority. The relentless saga of battling pet hair, juice spills and the inevitable toddler accident prompted us to search for rugs that not only infused our neutral space with color but also offered the durability and functionality needed for our lively household.  

We were drawn to Ruggable’s claim to easy-cleaning, variety of designs, and unique pad system, so we decided to put it to the test. More specifically, we tried out samples of the Celestine Coral 6×9′ rug with the flatwoven standard base ($339), the Alessia Dusk Blue 8′ tufted rug with the cushioned base ($659) and the Jolie Blue Quartz tufted flatwoven 6×9′ rug with a cushioned pad ($579). Here’s my candid review. (Bonus: The company is currently throwing its Birthday Sale, which promises 20 percent off sitewide through July 7 with code BDAY24.)

Ease of Cleaning: Effortless Maintenance 

Ruggable’s Jolie Blue Quartz tufted rug with a cushioned pad in our formal sitting room.

Katie Ann Lehman

Ruggable truly lives up to its promise of easy cleaning. Since receiving our rugs, they’ve endured spills, tracked-in dirt, and yes, even an unexpected accident from our potty-training toddler. While most spills were easy to spot clean, the more challenging mishap required a trip through the washing machine.  

Despite feeling like a stiff, thick blanket, the rugs are flexible enough to fit into a standard washing machine. Following Ruggable’s guidelines for washing, we put it in design-side facing out with cold water on delicate cycle. You can tumble-dry on low heat, but I opted to air dry over my banister. While it did take a bit of time, we were pleased to find that it dried completely flat with no lumps or curled edges and — yes — clean. 

Ruggabable’s two-piece rug system includes a variety of stylish covers and base pads in cushioned and standard options.

Katie Ann Lehman

Ruggable Pad System: Tufted vs. Flatwoven

These rugs are machine washable because they come in two separate pieces: the rug pad and the cover. They offer a choice between two types of rug pads (standard and cushioned) and two types of covers (tufted or standard). This flexibility lets you mix and match pad and cover combinations to fit your space perfectly. In our case, our family of four needed three different combinations to balance comfort and traffic volume.  

Ruggable’s Alessia Dusk Blue round tufted rug with the cushioned pad.

Katie Ann Lehman

  • Tufted Cover + Cushioned Pad Perfect for the kids’ playroom because it’s three times the thickness for a cozy play area that’s gentle on our knees. 
  • Flatwoven + Standard Pad The functional choice for my office, offering a low profile that’s perfect for rolling furniture without sacrificing comfort. 
  • Flatwoven + Cushioned Pad Chosen for our formal sitting room, striking the perfect balance between comfort and durability for a lower-traffic area. 

It’s important to note that only the cover is washable. It attaches to the pad via an incredibly strong Velcro. While removing it from the pad was effortless, we faced challenges aligning the pad and cover perfectly due to the Velcro’s strong grip. It required two people and some adjustments to achieve the right fit for the larger rugs.

Ruggable’s Celestine Coral rug with the flatwoven standard base.

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Katie Ann Lehman

Ruggable Durability: Built to Last 

We were skeptical about the rugs’ durability given the occasional washing and heavy foot traffic. However, even though I haven’t had them for long, I’m pleasantly surprised by their resilience. There are no signs of wear like piling, fading or even curled edges, making me more confident in their long-term durability.  

What we loved most is the non-slip backing on the pad because it provides secure placement, even in high-traffic zones. No need for sticky rug grippers to ruin our new floors.  Furthermore, we were impressed that even after a trip through the washing machine, the rug maintained its strong attachment to the pad.  

Ruggable’s Alessia Dusk Blue round tufted rug with the cushioned pad in the kids’ playroom.

Katie Ann Lehman

Style: Where Form Meets Function 

Ruggable strikes a perfect balance between practicality and style, ensuring that we didn’t have to compromise one for the other. They have a wide range of designs, spanning from trendy modern to timeless classics. Their collaborations with Kathy and Nicky Hilton, Bridgerton, the late fashion icon Iris Apfel, Barbie, designer Jonathan Adler, Disney and more ensure a wide selection for any space and decor style. 

Moreover, since we now have the pads, the option to switch out covers adds an extra layer of convenience. It allows us to refresh our space or adapt to changing decor trends without the need to invest in an entirely new rug. 

In conclusion, Ruggable has truly impressed us on all fronts. These rugs aren’t just functional; they’re statement pieces that elevate our home while simplifying maintenance. Having a washable rug makes parenthood a bit easier, as spills and accidents are no longer a cause for panic. For those in search of rugs that effortlessly blend practicality with style, Ruggable stands out as the ultimate choice, delivering on its promises and then some. 

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