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Seth Meyers Slams Democrats Over Biden Indecision for 2024 Election

Seth Meyers Slams Democrats Over Biden Indecision for 2024 Election

Seth Meyers Slams Democrats Over Biden Indecision for 2024 Election

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Seth Meyers laid into Democrats during his “Closer Look” segment on Late Night Wednesday, deriding the party for its indecision about Joe Biden’s 2024 candidacy in light of concerns about his age and cognitive abilities in the wake of the president’s disastrous June 27 debate performance.

“Oh my God, Democrats, get your shit together,” Meyers said, making it clear that the current, scattered response isn’t going to cut it. “There’s still four months left to go and you’re already admitting defeat and holding a funeral?

“Don’t just mope around, you know, do something. If you think Biden should step aside, then tell him to get out and start the process of replacing him. If you think he should stay in then get to work and right the ship now,” the host added. “But this melancholy, hand-wringing, woe-is-me bullshit is so exhausting. No one cares how sad you guys are. Democracy is on the line.”

Meyers turned his wrath on former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who had a tepid response when asked about the situation on MSNBC this week. Pelosi said that it is up to the president to make the decision but that “time is running short” with four months until election day.

“Anyone who recognizes the dangers of a second Trump term must acknowledge two things: First, Joe Biden is polling worse at this stage in the race than any Democratic presidential candidate in years, and the debate only made things worse. But second and more important, there’s still time to turn things around,” Meyers said, then mentioning how the centrist and leftist wings in France joined forces to shut out Marine le Pen’s National Rally Party, with dozens of politicians across several races dropping out to ensure the vote would not be split and power handed to the far right. 

 “As France just proved, there’s still time to regroup and beat back the far right,” Meyers said. “Democrats should take a cue from them and do the same.”

Meanwhile, over on CBS, Late Show with Stephen Colbert aired a witty spoof ad for a series of greeting cards that Democrats can use to let Biden know it’s time to step away from his candidacy. 

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“Are you a Democratic lawmaker who has a very difficult thing to say to your leader, but you don’t know how?,” the ad began, suggesting Hallmark could help with fake cards like the following: “You’ve been a Mexi-lent president, but we have to taco ’bout retirement” (displaying Biden grimacing while shaking Mexico’s flag-emblazoned maracas); “Roses are red, violets are blue, this is a cognitive test. False or true?”; and “Happy Mardi Gras. Now show us your quits.”

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