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Sheryl Lee Ralph Asks for Prayers for Jamaica Amid Hurricane Beryl

Sheryl Lee Ralph Asks for Prayers for Jamaica Amid Hurricane Beryl

Sheryl Lee Ralph is asking for prayers as residents of Jamaica prepare themselves for Hurricane Beryl’s arrival.

The Emmy-winning actress, who is currently on the Caribbean island for her son Etienne Maurice’s wedding this weekend, has continued to share weather updates on X (formerly Twitter). The Category 4 storm was expected to reach landfall midday on July 3, according to the National Hurricane Center.

“Now it’s starting. I’m not going to go all the way out there, but it’s happening now,” she said in a video on Wednesday. “We are praying for safety for everybody and stay off the roads, stay inside, ‘cause I’m going all the way back inside now.”

A day prior, the Abbott Elementary star gave additional updates on what the weather was looking like on the island before the storm approached, writing in the post’s caption, “Good night from Jamaica Pray for us as you pray for others.”

“From the looks of the sky, it looks like Beryl is gonna be here much sooner than the news keeps saying,” Ralph added in a video. “So it’s very calm here in Jamaica, the sky is so beautifully clear. And they said that the sea looked like glass today. … We have to take in all of the outside furniture because, you know, those things take flight.”

“I hope you’ve put oil in your lamp and are taking extra care,” she continued. “So to everybody that’s here on the island, we remember that [Hurricane] Gilbert was a three and Beryl is a four. Wow. God bless you, goodnight.”

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Though Ralph was born in Connecticut, she frequently returns to the island, where her mother Ivy Ralph O.D. was a well-known Jamaican fashion designer and the creator of the Kariba suit. This week, her family was gathering there for her son’s wedding to ABC News journalist Stephanie Wash.

“But what I don’t love is rain during the week of my wedding,” Etienne Maurice said on his Instagram Story Wednesday. “I’m praying that everybody here and in Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands are safe and all we can do is pray for the best.”

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