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Sphere Las Vegas to Debut of ‘XO Audio,’ ‘XO Stream’ on Fourth of July

Sphere Las Vegas to Debut of ‘XO Audio,’ ‘XO Stream’ on Fourth of July

The main attraction at Sphere in Las Vegas is usually what happens inside the cutting edge venue, but on the Fourth of July there will be plenty to see and hear on the outside.

Sphere Entertainment Co. revealed plans for Independence Day to mark the one-year anniversary of the first illumination on the venue’s exterior — dubbed Exosphere — by launching new content, an audio experience titled “XO Audio” and a broadcast titled “XO Stream.” The Sphere Fourth of July Celebration is being presented by official partner Verizon, which will be incorporated through custom content running through the event’s programming. Verizon will also be featured on as the presenter of “XO Stream” on July 4 and beyond.

According to intel received from Sphere Entertainment Co., the content was created by Sphere Studios and is designed to honor America in six acts as a tribute to art, science and wonder. The show will begin with a celebration of Sphere’s unique architecture and its influence on the Vegas skyline followed by a Stars & Stripes showing, a nod to the history of Nevada, and the Wild West.

Also included will be a montage to Exosphere’s content over the past year as well as “an innovative piece of creative that turns Sphere inside out and highlights the inside of the venue as a ‘temple to the arts.’” No celebration would be complete without a little pop and crackle so designers have also programmed a “vibrant digital fireworks” display to close out the show. The Fourth of July Celebration will be presented twice that evening, at 9:30 p.m. and again at 11:40 p.m.

Back to the sounds. “XO Audio” will feature sounds curated by Sphere Studios and synced to the imagery displayed on Exosphere. Audio will be paired with Exosphere creative both onsite within Sphere’s property in Las Vegas and on “XO Stream,” which will be available 24/7 on and on YouTube.

“Sphere has become a global landmark that has redefined the live experience, including the Exosphere, a captivating platform for storytelling since it first illuminated last Fourth of July,” offered Jim Dolan, executive chairman and CEO of Sphere Entertainment. “We’ve only scratched the surface of what Sphere is capable of both creatively and technologically. Now, with the addition of ‘XO Audio’ and ‘XO Stream,’ we are building on our commitment to immersive experiences that create a deeper multi-sensory connection – one that can be shared across the Las Vegas community and around the world.”

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The 580,000-square foot Exosphere is known as the largest LED screen on Earth with approximately 1.2 million LED pucks capable of displaying more than 1 billion different colors.

But, to be fair, there will be plenty to see on the inside that holiday weekend. Dead & Company continues its Sphere residency, Dead Forever — Live at Sphere, with performances set for July 4-6, and a series of shows that continue through Aug. 10.

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